Privacy Policy

Collection of Data:

  • We do not collect any of your information, for instance, your address, phone number, email address, etc. Our only agenda is to serve you with the best services based on your activities and preferences once you visit our website.
  • No pop-ups and dialogue boxes asking for any kind of information mentioned above shall appear on our website during the time our users are on it.
  • We do not use other websites/tools for the functioning of our website and thereby, we maintain end-to-end faith for the preservation of the users’ data.

Information storage:

  • We may require some of your basic data such as email, full name, and mobile number only when you try to reach out to us via Contact Us page. The information entered by you shall only be stored with us and not shared with any third-party apps/websites.
  • We also ensure not trading/sharing your information with anyone by any means or purpose, even if our policies and terms get modified in the future.
  • As a website, we are under no obligation of maintaining confidentiality, but consider it as our moral duty to be on good terms with the users.


  • We send cookies to the users visiting our website to recognize the medium used for accessing the website. This helps us to recognize the same user and the browser/device they use only to display the relevant and preferred information.
  • We send cookies for a better understanding of user experience and optimize the browsing experience for the users’ next session.
  • Another purpose of sending cookies is to counter the malicious and fraudulent activities that may cause harm to our website through the users’ browsers/devices.

Usually, the cookies are by default accepted by most of the browsers, but users can still block them by going into their browser settings and blocking/disabling them for their future preference.