Justice for All (JFA) is that piece of the puzzle that seems to have set its footprints on all the Indian fault lines through its operations. Before heading on to its deeds, we must first understand the key architect behind such an organization existing in the US.

Justice for All is a Chicago-based organization that in the guise of human rights advocacy group has been running incessant campaigns against India. However, one with a first glance would barely understand how this functionary, which shows a cleaner version of itself, in reality, has a mudded past; a lineage that would cause a real shocker!

JFA is the furbished brand of Jamaat-e-Islami in the US established in 1999 under the banner of a multimedia company Sound Vision. If one simply hovers the website of the Islamic Circle of North America (the western face of Jamaat-e-Islami), he/she would understand that Sound Vision was one of its projects to propagate teachings of Islam in the US & Canada.

The Founder: A Jamaat protégé

The founder of both JFA & Sound Vision was none other than the Jamaat protégé Abdul Malik Mujahid. Abdul Malik Mujahid is a Pakistani national & former head of the Jamaat’s student wing, Jamiat-e-Talaba (1975-77). It was during Mujahid’s tenure when Jamiat-e-Talaba shook hands for a merger with ISI-operative Mohammad Ayyub Thakur’s J&K Students Islamic Organization.

Jamaat & ISI met together!

Following his leadership test as a Jamiat leader, Mujahid shifted to the US to get a promotion among Jamaat’s overseas branches and joined ICNA & later became its head in the late 1980s-90s. A basic introduction to ICNA’s work is their admiration for the banned terror group Hizbul Mujahideen’s leader Syed Salahuddin & his militancy in Kashmir.

The Jamaat companion- Shaik Ubaid

This operation was not limited to just Mujahid, but a purported human rights activist, Shaik Ubaid. Ubaid is a US-based medical practitioner, who remains the pivot of several orgs in the US. Most prominently, Shaik Ubaid is known for founding the UAPA-slapped Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), the group most infamously known for lobbying against India.

Turned out, Shaik Ubaid is also a by-product of Jamaat, following his stint with ICNA in the 1990s as its Secretary General. It was after he parted ways, that Ubaid opened a plethora of organizations starting with IAMC in 2002. All of his organizations’ formation starting with IAMC began from 2002-03 including Coalition Against Genocide, Iman Net & ASPAIRE.

SIMI Founder- Another Jamaat appendage

Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi, infamously known as the founder of the banned group SIMI, is another key stakeholder on the list. Besides finding SIMI, Siddiqi is a compeer of the ISI mole Ghulam Nabi Fai & currently the Executive Director of Sound Vision & a regular visitor to Pakistan.

These three combined run several fronts together, for instance:

  1. Siddiqi, Shaik Ubaid, and Mujahid held high positions in ICNA.
  2. Shaik Ubaid co-founded Muslim Peace Coalition, the idea of which was conceived by Mujahid.
  3. JFA’s Burma Task Force was co-founded by Shaik Ubaid, alongside the 1971 war criminal Ashrafuz Zaman Khan.
  4. JFA’s Save India chapter was reincarnated from Ubaid’s Imannet.

JFA & Sound Vision:

Not just Mujahid, but his JFA & Sound Vision is also filled with Pakistanis, including some nepotism beneficiaries who are concerned only about human rights issues in India & not their own country.

The Director of JFA is Hena Zuberi comes from the background of Pakistan Pakistani army & is currently on board of ‘The Aafia Foundation’ that seeks the release of Aafia Siddiqi aka the Lady Al- Qaeda, who assisted the 9/11 attacks.

Former VP of Sound Vision, Ahmed Murad is the son of Khurram Jha Murad, prisoner of war of 1971 Bangladesh war & former head of Jamaat of Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Another former member of Sound Vision, Mohammad Yunus had served as the head of ICNA for 17 years, while his children are placed in ICNA & Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA.

These were a few extremists & Jamaat links of JFA & Sound Vision.

But JFA has more links to Pakistan!

Since its early years of website formation, JFA’s agenda was based on the Kashmir conflict. JFA’s website was not only promoting Pakistan’s toolkit on Kashmir but entities that were backed by the ISI against India. Some of them were Ghulam Nabi Fai’s Kashmiri American Council, Human Development Foundation, lobbying group- APPNA, think tanks & even directly the Pakistani govt.

Thinktanks promoted by JFA were Jamaat think tank Islamabad Policy Studies (by former Jamaat member Khurshid Ahmed) & Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

These are some of the linkages and past JFA and its present entity can’t get away from. Such information not surfacing till date , gave the space to create their own eco-system and fronts in the name of human rights advocacy.

After having known such lineages of JFA, one can understand, why this entity has so many projects on India such as Free Kashmir, Save India (& its subchapters), & none for Pakistan!